Susan Bolt

Piano, Violin and Theory teacher in Milton, Cambridge
Notes and Bolts Music Duo

01223 710650


Sue has been teaching my son piano for a year and I am amazed how well he can play already. She makes the lessons fun and challenging at the same time. My daughter has violin lessons with Sue, having changed from a previous teacher, she has come on significantly and is enjoying playing once again, which is great to see and hear. (AC)
My 9 year old son started piano lessons with Sue just before Easter 2010 and within a few months both his 8 year old sister and even his 5 year old brother decided it looked fun and followed suit.  As a parent I am welcome to sit and watch the lessons so I always know what is going on and I am impressed by her attention to detail and seemingly unending patience! We are extremely happy with your teaching Sue, thank you! (SG)
Susan Is really a great teacher and I would definitely recommend her. I have never played the piano before, but I really enjoy the lessons, Susan explains very nicely and it's a pleasure to learn with her. It's never too late to learn something new! (AK)
Sue has been teaching my two sons violin nearly two years. She is patient and able to retain their interest from the first lesson to now showing great progress.  In the lesson, Sue teaches precise technical and encourages musical playing of the violin as well as giving appropriate challenge to enhance their musical interest and potential. She is an excellent music teacher and highly recommended. (MS)
A fun and humourous teacher. (TS)
My 11 year old son has been having lessons with Sue for over a year now and really enjoys them.  Sue is an enthusiastic teacher with lots of encouragement, suggestions and positive comments even when correcting mistakes or getting him to see where he went wrong or how he could improve. She gets him involved in choosing what he wants to play and how he wants to tackle a piece of music - both of which mean he feels really involved and is more motivated to learn. The lessons seem fun and varied and the time flies by! (LS)
Sue started teaching my daughter piano two years ago when my daughter was a beginner.She really enjoys her piano lessons. It is pleasure to see that in the two years my daughter made a massive improvement. It is a big surprise to me because I don't know anything about music. I have to say I found the right teacher for my daughter. Sue is a very professional teacher and musician. plus she is a very kind and caring lady. (JS)
We have always found Sue to be both professional and friendly. Our son enjoys his violin lessons and has made excellent progress. (PS)
I am happy to state on record that our son actually started to enjoy playing the Piano after starting with Sue, now almost a year and half ago! This is a great achievement and says a lot about Sue’s style of making learning enjoyable, more so since his earlier teachers (at school and after) did not manage to do that. (SM)
Our children have been very happy having lessons with Sue - learning at a pace that keeps the enjoyment of playing. (JD)